About Us

The Dog Land is a Store Based in United Kingdom and in the US. Our Goal is to help people and support them to develop the perfect Relationship with their Pets. Especially Dogs are the most loyal, kind and thankful Animals on the Planet. 

The Dog Land is participating with many Animal Charities and one of our biggest wishes are to give every Dog a warm Place to sleep or even a home with lovely People.

We are looking for Customers all around the Globe, which want to help us on our Path. That is the Main Reason why we are shipping FREE Worldwide!! So please do not get upset if an order needs a little bit longer to arrive but we are looking forward for satisfying every of our lovely Customers. So please notice and keep that in mind that your order can need sometimes a little bit longer to arrive as we said already.

Our Toys are made for improving Lifestyle of the Dog, developing their Character and of course, to have a lot of fun! Our Clothes are designed to look good and modern, but also to keep your Pet safe, dry and warm. We also have a Big Collection of Accessories, which can improve lifestyle (Life-hacks) or just make you and your Dog even happier. Our Jewelry are made with love for dog owners from High Quality materials.